Barrier-Free Bathrooms NJ

How to Make a Bathroom Handicap Accessible?

You are getting older and you want to stay in your forever home as you age. 
Or, you have a medical condition; permanent, temporary, or degenerative, that impacts your ability to perform functional activities such as walking, bathing, or standing.  Modifications to your home, especially having an accessible bathroom, can be made so that you…

5 Reasons Why a Barrier-Free Bathroom is The Way to Go

  February 17, 2022.      Barrier-Free Bathroom, Barrier-Free Bathrooms NJ, Barrier-Free Remodeling, Grab Bars NJ, Home Safety NJ, Senior Safety

A barrier-free bathroom is a specially-designed space that accommodates individuals with disabilities, long-term injuries, and those suffering from movement limitations due to the natural aging process. The space within these rooms is opened up and accessible features are added to… 

  March 13, 2019     Barrier Free Shower, Barrier-Free Bathroom, Barrier-Free Bathrooms NJ, Barrier-Free Remodeling