Stair Lift Rentals Available!

**Many stair lift options can even be rented if you prefer not to purchase it.**

Bathrooms Pose a Safety Hazard in Any Home

With their wet floors, narrow doorways, low toilets, slippery showers, and bathtubs, bathrooms can pose a threat to anyone’s safety.

Back Home Safely Can Modify Your Bathroom to Make it Barrier-Free

At Back Home Safely we can modify your bathroom to make it safer and more accessible.  We take into consideration your individual functional abilities when recommending optimal bathroom modifications.

Our  projects include GrabBars, Hand Held Showers Heads, Tub and Shower Seats, Elevated Toilet Seats, Barrier Free Showers and Accessible Sinks.

Elevated Toilet Seats

We also offer “right height” toilets, toilevators, toilet seat risers or even custom platforms that can make any toilet a perfect height for individual needs!

We Can Even Build a Completely New Bathroom

Back Home Safely also enlarges doorways, enhances lighting and will even build a completely new bathroom in the existing or new location of your home.

Whatever the need is, great or small, the experts at Back Home Safely will design and build your bathroom for function, convenience and most importantly safety

Barrier-Free Bathroom Pics

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