Calling All Seniors! Beware of the Great Jamaican Phone Scam

Senior citizens in the New Hampshire area are being warned against a scam that has been going around for years. This scam over the phone has been targeting seniors who have been living in the New England area for ten years now and is believed to have originated from Jamaica. Authorities think that the scammers have been able to obtain large sums of money from individuals that they have victimized.

The scammers work by calling senior citizens, mostly the ones who live alone, and then tell them that they have won the lottery. They ask the seniors to send some money to process their winnings. They warn their victim not to tell their family so that they could surprise them.

In one case, a senior sent over $85,000 throughout the period that he was in contact with the scammers. They kept on asking him for more money until his daughter found out about it.

The actual amount lost by the victims is hard to identify because of the reluctance of the victims to come out.

Megan Doyle of the Concord Monitor has written a full article on this and you can read it here.

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