Daily backbreaking transfers that require multiple caregivers is often the factor that prevents people from living in their own homes.

Ceiling Lifts are the perfect answer to replace cumbersome hoyer lifts and awkward and dangerous manual transfers.

The experts at Back Home Safely can help you choose the most functional slings and track designs to allow you to remain safely in your home. We even provide a portable solution for people who plan to travel or rent their home.

We typically recommend ceiling lift systems to replace a cumbersome, two person, dependent hoyer lift transfer. These lifts can greatly improve the lives of people effected by the following diagnosis:

  •       Spinal Cord Injury
  •        Stroke
  •        Traumatic Brain Injury
  •        Multiple Sclerosis
  •        Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  •        Parkinson’s Disease
  •        Alzheimer’s Dementia
  •        Cerebral Palsy
  •        Cancer

All of our lifts are battery operated to accommodate your needs even during a power failure.  With just the press of a button, loved ones can be easily transferred from one surface to another eliminating caregiver strain.

Our Randolph, New Jersey Solutions Showroom is equipped with a fully functional fixed rail and gantry portable ceiling lift system for demonstration.

Fixed Ceiling Lift Installation

We offer ceiling mounted and wall mounted options that allow custom configurations for your unique transfer needs. Lifts can be rail mounted or attached to a carabiner to allow for use in multiple locations.

Portable Ceiling Lift System

We offer post mounted ceiling lift systems that require no installation into ceilings or walls. They are the perfect solution for renters, individuals with short term needs and those that are looking for options that meet their travel adventures.

Sling Options

Back Home Safely offers many sling options that accommodate everyone’s unique size, shape and medical condition. Factors considered include head support, access for hygiene, and choices of material for comfort and maintenance.  We even offer ambulation slings to promote assisted walking.

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