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Thinking of getting Chair Lifts Passaic County installed in your home? Some elderly people have a difficult time getting around their home because of the stairs. You may also need to look into stairlifts Passaic County. They have limited mobility, weak muscles and lack of stability, so stairs are avoided as much as possible. When…

March 23, 2020      Ceiling Lifts

Chair Lifts Morris County

Whatever the reason, if the stairs in your home are a barrier for you, consider installing a stair lift. For aging people, leg pain and unsteadiness make climbing stairs harder and harder. Maybe you have had to confine yourself to one floor. Installing a stair lift can greatly improve your lifestyle. You should be able…

September 24, 2019     Ceiling Lifts NJ

Chair Lifts Warren County

Individuals that suffer from certain medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries may experience complications with mobility. These people are also more vulnerable to experiencing injuries sustained as a result of falls as a result of their mobility issues. According to a recent report, falls are considered to be the number one cause for fatal-based injuries on…

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Thinking of having Stairlifts Somerset County installed in your home? You need a Somerset County stairlift installation in your home. Some seniors avoid the stairs due to limited mobility. They may have weakened muscles and lack of stability so the stairs can be dangerous for them. When the stairs become…

September 17, 2019    Chair Lifts NJ

Chair Lifts Somerset County

If stairs are limiting you to one floor of your home, installing a lift could restore your freedom. For people who use wheelchairs, walkers or canes in their daily activities, stairs are a real impediment. Lifts are not only for commercial properties, you can install one in your own residence. With so many choices and…

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Stairlifts Passaic County

Are you looking for Stairlifts Passaic County company? Some seniors with limited mobility or weakened muscles have issues with stairs. Whether you are looking for a stairlift or a Passaic County wheelchair ramp, Back Home Safely is the place to call. Stairs in a home can become a hassle and most people with mobility issues…

  August 15, 2019.     Stair Lifts NJ

Five-step Guide to Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is a serious matter, especially for senior citizens and the people who care for them. Many victims of falling accidents come from the elderly community, which is why it is important that all measures, leading to a safe, fall-proof home and health condition, is properly observed. Here are five of them: Set an…

  January 19, 2015.     Stair Lifts NJ

Why Seniors Should Engage in Physical Activities

Engaging in physical activities, such as exercise, yoga and sports, has numerous benefits for senior citizens when it comes to health and many other aspects of their lives. It reduces the risk of suffering from diabetes and coronary diseases, improves circulation and balance, and strengthens their immune systems.

  January 19, 2015.     Stair Lifts NJ

A Successful Fundraiser for Seniors

It’s good to know that in this day in age, people are still very much concerned with the welfare of the elderly. This was evidenced by a large number of pledges and donations, approximately $3.4 million, collected by The Castle Peak Senior Care Center in a fundraiser. They were able to collect more than half the…

Chinese Government Enhancing Senior Care Services

China has released a guideline on enhancing senior care services for elderlies aged 60 and above. The government released 24 departments, including a national working committee on aging, which aim for comprehensive and improved policies and services for the elderly, a more respectful public environment for the and more effective implementation of various policies by…

  January 19, 2015.     Stair Lifts NJ

Minnesota Politician Delays Medicaid Cuts for Elderly

American politician and current Governor of Minnesota, serving since 2011, is delaying a set of Medicaid rule changes that would have caused about 2,600 low-income elderly Minnesotans to lose benefits, covering home and nursing care for elderly. Mark Dayton ordered the state Department of Human Services (DHS) to postpone the Medicaid cuts for a year…

  January 2, 2014    Stair Lifts NJ

Reforming Senior Care in Quebec

A new bill has been passed in Quebec that is set to reform senior care there. The bill aims to help seniors who do not want to be institutionalized. It would give them the means to be taken care of at home. The bill recognizes the fact that most seniors would rather stay at home…

  December 12, 2013   Stair Lifts NJ

Senior Care Unit in Clinton Memorial

Not all hospitals have senior care unit and that’s a terrible lack. At Clinton Memorial Hospital that disadvantage is being remedied already. The hospital is opening its own senior care unit. The new unit is aimed to help with senior psychiatric care. According to an article from Tristan Navera for bizjournals.com, “The hospital’s new Senior…

  December 9, 2013  Stair Lifts NJ

Keystone College Students Play Santa

Seniors tend to feel lonely during the Christmas season. This is especially true if they are living away from their families. That’s why students and staff from Keystone College would like to cheer them up a bit. They are playing secret Santa to the seniors of Home Instead Senior Care of Clarks Summit. “I hope it…

  December 8, 2013 Stair Lifts NJ

Preventing Senior Citizen Falls

Falling is the most common form of domestic accident that occurs to senior citizens. Various elements in the house can result to this event, particularly ifthe homeowner is not conscious about observing orderliness and organization inside the property. Floor clutter and dim-lighted areas are only two of the many factors that can lead to falls….

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Caregiver Tips Sharing Program

Caregivers need a lot of guidance when it comes to caring for their elderly loved ones who are suffering from chronic complications. The best way to address this is by allowing more experienced individuals to share their experiences regarding the matter. AlertID is a program held to help families cope with struggles related to health…

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Prom for Senior Citizens

There is a new trend in town and that’s setting up proms for senior citizens. Community centers and high schools all over the United States have taken up the concept. The response so far, has been overwhelming. With hopes of bringing memories to senior citizens, organizers have eyed this as a yearly event in many…

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New Format for Home Care

There’s a new program down in Indiana which aims to provide better care for seniors – the program is called Senior Care Central. Its goal is to connect nursing students at the universities in the area with seniors who need care. The concept was launched in participation with several local schools. According to  Elizabeth Ecker …

August 17, 2013 Stair Lifts NJ

How Reform Law Will Affect Senior Care

A lot of people are afraid that the health care reform law will have a very negative impact when it comes to senior care, but it turns out that most of these fears are unfounded. In general, the law will have no effect on the way that seniors get their health care. However, with a…

August 16, 2013 Stair Lifts NJ

Senior Health and Care

Senior health care starts with prevention of the deterioration of the quality of life – a lot of senior citizens in the United States need senior living conditions that are intended to preserve adequate and senior safety life factors for many years because people are now living longer lives. There are important tips to provide…

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Refurbished iPhones with Special Apps for Senior Citizens

Refurbished iPhones designed specifically for senior citizens is one of the ways that technology is helping older people. A lot of senior citizens have embraced technology and all that it has to offer. There are still many senior citizens who are confused in using smartphones. Fortunately, refurbished iPhones were created to change that. Silverline has…

July 7, 2013 Stair Lifts NJ

$1.8 million to Improve Handicap Accessibility

An amount of $1.8 Million will help people with disabilities to easily get around Butte and provide more reliable bus transportation for the community. Five new Butte Silver Bow transit buses are coming in the area. The new rigs have a new style loading ramp for people with disabilities. Gary Keeler, Butte Silver Bow Transit…

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Benefits of a Fruits and Vegetables Diet for Seniors

Developed by researchers from Tufts University, My Plate for Older Adults emphasizes the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables to senior citizens. With foods such as broccoli, zucchini, berries and plum, researchers are hoping to replace the USDA food pyramid. Fruits and vegetables, and healthy eating in particular increase the functionality of a person’s…

June 26, 2013 Stair Lifts NJ

Fund-A-Chair Program by Convaid to Help Families Acquire Wheelchairs

Having a disabled or special need child in the family can be quite tough. Regardless of how parents strive for a sense of normalcy in the household and everyday routine, there are inevitable challenges that come along with the child’s condition. Moreover, wheelchairs, which are an essential part of a handicapped child or person’s life,…

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Medicare Blue Button Equips Seniors with Their Med Records Everywhere They Go

Medicare Blue Button is a computer program that allows patients to download their hospital records to computers and smart devices. This technology is particularly helpful when visiting a different physician or hospital. Blue Button allows you to simply present the information stored in your device to the doctor and let him evaluate your medical history….

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Senior Citizens Victimized by Fake Cops through Hypnosis

In India, various incidences involving men pretending to be policemen and stealing old individual’s valuables have occurred. The snatchers were said to be capable of hypnosis and have practiced the craft of their victims. In a report, 63-year-old Vijay Kulkarni shared that he was on his way home from a store when four men stopped him….

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Senior Citizens Go Out on a Picnic

In Charleston, senior citizens went out to Shawnee Park to participate in the Kanawha Valley Senior Services annual picnic. They interacted with their fellow seniors, played Bingo, danced and had fun. Due to the various physical and financial limitations posed against elders, it can be difficult for them to go out into the neighborhood and…

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More American Senior Citizens Stuggle with Mounting Debts

Ideally, when you reach the twilight of your life or the so called senior citizen years, the normal routine is rest and recreation for your weary body. But sadly, such an ideal scenario among senior citizens is hardly felt in the United States. According to reports, many senior citizens in America have mounting debts and…

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Senior Citizens Freed From Paying Property Taxes

In the District of Columbia, a legislation exempting senior citizens aged 80 and older with annual income of no more than $100,000.00 and who have lived in their houses for 25 years or more from paying property taxes for their home will be introduced. The proponent, Council member Anita Bonds, intends to present legislation titled…

May 31, 2013 Stair Lifts NJ

The Benefits of Leasing a Car for Senior Citizens

Various vehicles have their own perks and disadvantages for specific users. For senior citizens who are still able to drive around, renting a car can be a better option than buying one. This option poses a lot of safety and financial advantages for most people, particularly for elders. Scot Hall, executive vice president of SwapALease.com,…

May 30, 2013  Stair Lifts NJ