Haiti Seeks to Improve Handicap Accessibility

Oct 26, 2012 | Chair Lifts NJ

One of Haiti’s reconstruction priorities is handicap accessibility, and it is definitely on the right track. With “build back better” being one of the buzzwords of the reconstruction phase after the earthquake in 2010, along with “capacity building”, the locals of the island are looking to one day do the work that is still being done by foreigners.

After the earthquake occurred, a law was passed by the parliament of Haiti requiring schools and every other public building to be accessible to people with disabilities. That law also states that companies with more than 20 employees should reserve about 2 percent of the available jobs for persons with disabilities.

Actually, there’s a local telephone company (Voila) that has trained around 200 disabled individuals on how to sell airtime and also fix cellphones. In addition to that, there’s an entire industry (textile) that’s committed to hiring an unspecified number of disabled persons as employees.

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