How Can Ceiling Lifts Help Caregivers Safely Transport Overweight Patients?

Establishing a safe environment – in terms of patient care – is a challenging endeavor; however, the challenge grows and complications develop when it comes to overweight patients.

Ceiling Lifts For Overweight Patients

This stems from the fact that the extra weight on the individual and the proper distribution of that weight greatly hinders the ability of the caregiver to provide even the most basic forms of care for the patient.

Overweight patients are often referred to as “bariatric patients”. For all purposes and intents, we may use these terms interchangeably throughout this guide. Here, you will learn how ceiling lifts may make the transport of these special patients easier and safer.

Who are Bariatric Patients?

A bariatric patient is any individual whose excess weight or general size dramatically interferes with the ability to provide reasonable care that is considered to be safe.

While many characteristics may classify a patient as being “bariatric” – such as excess height, large hip size, or excess arm length – the most common characteristic is obesity.

In today’s world, obesity (or being “overweight”) is considered one of the most significant of all health problems. Individuals that are overweight are difficult to move, to handle, and often suffer from decreased levels of mobility and a variety of co-morbid medical conditions.

For this reason, special accommodations must be made and specially-designed items – such as ceiling lifts – are necessary for the safe transport of the patient.

What are Ceiling Lifts?

A ceiling lift is a specially-designed medical assistance device that is mounted directly to the beams of the ceiling within the home or a medical care facility, such as an assisted living facility and/or a skilled nursing home.

The railing that is attached to the lift can be made to move from room to room. This assistance device allows caregivers to easily, simply, and safely transport overweight patients through the use of slings, grab points, and railings.

When the device is not necessary, it stores on a special overhead track. This helps to keep it out of the way of the patient and out of sight – when it is not in use.

An Ergonomic Solution

Ceiling lifts are considered to be the top-rated, ergonomic solution for both the caregiver and the bariatric patient. Each year, both caregivers and patients suffer from a wide assortment of injuries related directly to the process of transferring patients – regardless of their size.

The risk of these injuries increases when the patient being transferred is carrying excess weight that cannot be properly distributed. The ceiling lift is a user-friendly, motorized system that completely eliminates the need for direct lifting and the movement of a patient. It keeps all parties safe.

In addition to being easy and safe, these amazing medical help products help a patient maintain their dignity and move comfortably, as needed.

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