Integrating Wheelchair Ramps Aid in Promoting Independence Among Those with Limited Mobility

A wheelchair ramp is a type of home modification that helps to promote high levels of independence among those that experience limitations with their mobility and must utilize a wheelchair to move from one area to another. The ramp is a type of retrofit or a type of adjustment that is made to the home of the wheelchair user to improve their level of physical accessibility in and around that home.

Wheelchair Ramps

In terms of home modifications, there are generally two types. The first is called “simple”. This includes the placement of non-slip strips, improvements in lighting, and grab bars.

The second is referred to as “complex”. This includes the installation of chair lifts, lowering countertops, and wheelchair ramps. In this guide, you will learn about home modifications, wheelchair ramps, and how these items help promote independence.

Barriers Common Among the Disabled

There have been many studies, surveys, and other types of data collected on those that suffer from disabilities. The information derived from this research has established that over one million adults that are disabled currently live in a home that includes barriers that result in their inability to complete activities of daily living and to meet their daily needs. People that live in homes with barriers and are disabled must decide among a total of four options:

  1. They must learn to adapt their unique behaviors in order to compensate for the features that are not accessible. In most instances, adaptation of behaviors involves engaging in activities that are not safe to them.
  2. They must decide if they want or need to move to a different home where they are able to access all of its features, based on their current physical abilities.
  3. They must determine if they should modify their home with accessibility features – such as wheelchair ramps – so that they may access all areas and remain independent.
  4. They must decide to opt for a more supportive type of housing option or must elect to enter into a facility that provides institutional care, such as an assisted living facility.

Wheelchair Ramps Offer a Low Cost and Effective Accessibility Option

Moving to a new home, a more supportive housing unit, or an institution may prove to be exceptionally costly. Additionally, it is an inconvenience and may strip a wheelchair user of their independence in a premature manner.

In the past, wheelchair ramps and other types of home modifications were considered to be exceptionally expensive. In today’s world, these are designed to meet the needs of any budget. Not only can they be placed outdoors, but they may be placed indoors, too.

In having wheelchair ramps installed, a user with limited mobility may easily move around their home, in their home, and even outside of their home. No additional person is required for operation. As a result, wheelchair users may maintain their independence and not have to resort to being placed outside of the home that they are accustomed to.

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