Is Growing Old a Disadvantage or Not?

Old Couple TogetherGrowing old is a phase in life that affects everyone, rich or poor. It is something that is unavoidable.

Of course, senior citizens have different outlooks on this stage. Some believe that growing old can be beneficial while others think it is detrimental. But nobody, not even modern technology can stop aging.

The truth of the matter is that there are some benefits to aging. Yes, with growing old one will experience having their eyesight turn bad, memory lag, and some other delays in processing and performing things, but if you have prepared for this stage in life, things would not be as bad as it seems.

You can use this time to resign from work and even travel around the world, granted that you have enough money to spend and are healthy enough. This is also when you are able to receive government benefits, if your country provides you with that.