Modern Senior Citizens Want Fun and Comfort in Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Modern Senior CitizensBack in the day, old people who didn’t have family to care for them used to put put in depressing, nightmarish concrete block hospital warehouses to live out the last quarter of their lives, lacking the pampering and care they deserved. Fortunately, most of the older people nowadays don’t experience this kind of living situation. On the contrary, senior citizens now have the option to live the rest of their days in luxury and relaxation.

An example of a place where seniors can live in such comforts is in The Vi at Silverstone in Arizona, a CCRC or Continuing Care Retirement Community. This is where seniors Arch Rambeau and his wife Laree, both 77, paid a $650,000 move-in fee late last year to “buy into” the community. They paid a lower fee with the understanding that a portion would not be refunded to their heirs.

The Rambeaus also pay a monthly fee of more than $6,000. “We no longer have any maintenance responsibility. If a light burns out, they come and replace the light,” said Mr. Rambeau, a former General Dynamics senior vice president who lives in a private villa with a two-car garage. “It’s like we decided to go live at the Hyatt in Orlando, Fla., or some place and decided to just live there the rest of our lives.”

It’s like they worked all their lives and earned the right to be happy in their Golden Years.

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