Morris County GrabBars

Morris County GrabBars. Thinking of installing some grab bars in your home for safety? There are great ways to prevent a fall in your bathroom. Most accidents occur in the bathroom of homes. They occur around the tub or shower. A shower grab bar can be installed on an angle with brushed stainless-steel finish and nice styling. The styles and choices are endless and they can be installed just about anywhere to help the user.

Morris County GrabBars | Grab Bars

A grab bar should be able to support a person weighing up to at least 250 pounds. The height and weight can be considered when choosing products to install. Usually two grab bars are installed in a walk-in shower. Grab bars will be installed where they can best assist the user to prevent them from falling or slipping. There are many places grab bars can be installed in the shower. When having a tub and shower combination it may be best to install three grab bars. The horizontal bars on the walls are used to get in and out of the tub. The vertical bar serves as a support to turn on and off the water.

Morris County GrabBars | Tubs

There are many different stylish tubs such as free-standing tubs, tubs with decks and sunken tubs. Having grab bars installed can be also for comfort as well as safety. They are also installed to help with balance when stepping in and out of the tub. When a homeowner has a jetted tub, installing grab bars makes it easier for entering and exiting for the individual.

Morris County GrabBars | Toilets

Grab bars are also installed for individuals near the toilet area. They are installed to accommodate a person that uses a walker or wheelchair.

Morris County GrabBars | Different Styles

Grab bars are available in different lengths and sizes. They come in different shapes and finishes, too. They do not look institutional, like they ones they have in hospitals, they can definitely be made to match your decoration and style of your home. A stylish and purposeful grab bar for a walk-in shower without doors can match the finish of the showerheads and other items in the bathroom, as the homeowner desires.

Morris County GrabBars | ADA Standard

When looking for grab bars for your home make note to see the label states it is complaint with the standards set by the ADA (Americans with Disability Act). There are certain items that have to meet the standards with ADA as:

  1. It needs to be heavy duty 18-gauge stainless steel.
  2. The overhangs need to be made according to the ADA for maximum strength and durability.
  3. There is a certain amount of space that should be between the bar and the wall.
  4. The grab bars have different strengths, they can support 250 pounds or 500 pounds for the user.

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