Natural Disaster Preparedness for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens also need to plan for natural disasters, just like everyone else. Better safe than sorry – is what senior members of the community should keep in mind and they should be encouraged to be as informed and prepared as every member of the community should be.

A seminar was held just this Tuesday morning and it explained to about 40 senior citizens the importance of preserving their medications and also how crucial it is for them to be able to make use of online resources in the event that a natural disaster strikes.

The speakers during the event – known as ReadyFest – were from the Palm Beach County Public Safety Department, the Disaster Recovery Coalition, and the American Red Cross.

Despite the fact that the season for hurricanes is already over, the panelists of the event stressed paralleling the preparation for hurricanes with other types if natural disasters – wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, lightning strikes, extreme winds, and even acts of terrorism.

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