Paralyzed Brothers Recovered and Now Certified Mentors

Two brothers living at Sturgeon Bay have undergone two separate accidents that caused them paralysis. The older one, Eric Murrock, 29 years old, suffered spinal injuries after diving from a boat into very shallow water last July 3, 2010. His younger brother, Brian, 26, suffered from a motocross accident a little over a year after, September 6, 2011. The former is considered a quadriplegic, while the latter, a paraplegic.

Fortunately, after months of therapies and medical treatments, both brothers are now able to feel, feed themselves, and do different tasks. Thanks to this new hope that they were able to feel, both have registered at the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to serve as mentors to others with the same experience.

Those who are certified mentors by the foundation are given the chance to provide advice, support, and knowledge to other people of similar injury, age, gender, and location. They will also be given access to different resources at the Paralysis Resource Center.

Further information on this story full of hope can be read here.