“Repair Crew” Rips Off Senior Citizen

A senior citizen from Maple Avenue was ripped off by men who were posing as a “repair crew” last Tuesday.

Jack Kimrey, a retired 79 year old was inside his home when the men, who were riding in three pickups, pulled into his home’s driveway, located about half a mile from Shamrock Golf Club.

One of the men from the three pickup trucks came to Kimrey’s front door and proceeded to tell him that they were doing work in the area when they noticed the metal roof of Kimrey’s outbuilding.

The man said that the metal roof needed some painting. He said that they would clean, renail, and then paint it, all for $250 The man added that there would be an eight year guarantee on the job that they would be doing.

Kimrey agreed to the job after thinking about for a short while but later found out that the men – there were about four or five more aside from the one who approached him – hadn’t cleaned anything at all and had only applied a cheap coat of paint.

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