Safety Tips Provided by McLeod Safe Kids

Among children that are aged 14 and below, among the leading causes of unintentional injuries are falls. In fact, in 2009 about 56 percent of deaths that were related to falls and over 45 percent of fall related injuries that were not fatal involved kids who were no more than four years of age.

Since little kids are still in the process of developing their coordination and mobility, that makes them quite prone to falls that can lead to injuries. To add to that, most deaths and head injuries sustained as well as serious injuries have been mostly associated with falls.

McLeod Health, through Safe Kids Pee Dee/ Coastal, is working for the prevention of accidental injuries to children, which is the number one cause of death to kids who are aged 14 years and below. Safe Kids Pee Dee/ Coastal is partly funded by the McLeod Health Foundation and is also a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global network of organizations for the prevention of accidental injury.

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