Senior Citizen Safety Tips

As people get older, they may be more prone to accidents. Although a significant decline in being targeted by crimes has been observed in senior citizens, older people may be more fearful but ironically less alert to their surroundings.

 The City of Westlake Police Department is aware of the risks older people are in and has taken the initiative of making a list of personal safety tips for senior citizens. Listed below are a couple of things from that list.
  • Install good locks on doors and windows. Use them!
  • Don’t hide keys in mailboxes and planters or under doormats. Instead, leave an extra set of keys with a neighbor or friend.
  • Ask for photo identification from service or delivery people before letting them in. If you are the least bit worried, call the company to verify.
  • Be sure your street address number is large, clear of obstruction, and well-lighted so police and other emergency personnel can find your home quickly.
  • Consider a home alarm system that provides monitoring for burglary, fire, and medical emergencies.