Suction Grab Bars Are Easy to Install and Inexpensive, But Considered to be Potentially Dangerous

Individuals that suffer from certain medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries may experience complications with mobility. These people are also more vulnerable to experiencing injuries sustained as a result of falls as a result of their mobility issues.

According to a recent report, falls are considered to be the number one cause for fatal-based injuries on those aged 65 years or older. Statistics have established that 18,000 individuals in the United States alone die annually as a direct result of a sustained fall. The home has the potential to become a hazardous location for those suffering from mobility issues.

As a result, many opt for grab bars. These safety devices help ensure that the home is not as dangerous. If you suffer from mobility issues, you may be tempted to opt for suction grab bars because they are inexpensive and easy to install; however, you must be advised that these devices may prove to be dangerous. Continue reading to learn more.

Grab Bars New JerseyWhat Are Suction Grab Bars?

Grab bars provide a simple solution to those experiencing mobility issues and balance complications.

The installation of these bars is a simple process.

It involves the use of a drill, screws, and knowing the ideal location for the products; however, many with disabilities, illnesses, and injuries may find installation challenging.

As a result, many people have started to purchase suction grab bars.

These use a combination of small suction cups and air pressure to allow for a quick and extremely easy installation.

What Makes Suction Grab Bars Potentially Dangerous?

Unfortunately, suction grab bars have a wide range of limitations. These include only attaching to non-porous areas that are flat, the inability to put weight on them for an extended amount of time, the issue of loosening as time progresses, and the problem of completely coming unhinged from the wall.

While suction grab bars may be used as a temporary safety feature for individuals experiencing mobility complications due to a medical condition, illness, or injury, they should not be used for an extended amount of time.

Many have discovered that these devices do not support their weight and have resulted in injury due to the fact that the devices slipped, loosened, or completely came off of the surface where they were placed and resulted in a devastating fall.

The Solution

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Our products and our installation will help you maneuver quickly and easily throughout your home, without the possibility of falling or becoming injured. Our products will match any type of décor and will easily enhance your home for optimal movement.

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