The Rise of the Techie Grannies: Senior Citizens and Their Increased Use of Technology

It is a common belief that senior citizens and the latest technology usually don’t go together. We have this image in our heads of our grandparents struggling with computers, tablets and all the other latest gadgets. And then there is the Internet which could really stump them. It seems though that it was all a misconception.

Studies indicate that a great number of senior citizens are in tune with using modern information technology. Findings say that as high as 87% of seniors are using email as a major means of communication and that a great number of them are also using search engines.

Not only that, it is also predicted that their use of technology is bound to increase in the years to come. That means that they would become online even more and they would use the Internet increasingly. Social networking sites are already feeling the impact of this increase of Internet use by seniors with more of them using those sites for connecting with friends and families.

As seniors discover that technology is a very powerful tool for communication, they will resort to email and the social media even more.

Mary Yang posted an informative article about this for GovDelivery. You can read the full article here.

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