5 Reasons Why a Barrier-Free Bathroom is The Way to Go

A barrier-free bathroom is a specially-designed space that accommodates individuals with disabilities, long-term injuries, and those suffering from movement limitations due to the natural aging process.

Barrier-Free Bathrooms

The space within these rooms is opened up and accessible features are added to ensure optimal comfort and safety for all toileting, showering or bathing, and other personal hygiene needs.

Bathrooms are ranked the most dangerous room in the home due to accidental slips, falls, and other injuries. If you have any type of special need – in terms of your physical health – a barrier-free bathroom is the way to go.

Reason #1: Safety First

In a nation where over a quarter of a million people visit emergency rooms each year due to injuries experienced within bathrooms, it only makes sense to ensure that every measure possible is taken to optimize the safety of this frequented space within the home.

The placement of walk-in tubs and showers, elevated toilets, grab bars, and other items help to reduce issues such as tripping, slipping on wet floors, or losing the balance.

Reason #2: Maintain Independence

A barrier-free bathroom helps individuals to remain independent and within their own homes for longer. Each year, thousands of people must be admitted to assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes because their homes simply do not accommodate their needs.

By creating an accessible bathroom, you have the ability to remain in your home and maintain your independence much longer than others who do not have the means to have such a remodel performed.

Reason #3: Caregiver Assistance

Do you have a personal caregiver that assists you in showering/bathing or your toileting needs? If so, a barrier-free bathroom not only helps you, but it helps your caregiver help you.

The additional space and all of the extra features helps to provide caregivers with the confidence that they need to properly tend to your hygiene needs.

Reason #4: Improves Self-Esteem

If you suffer from physical limitations, simple tasks such as washing your hair, taking a shower, using the restroom, or just washing your hands can become extremely challenging.

As a result, it plays on your mental well-being. If you have a barrier-free bathroom installed in your home, you will discover that it is exceptionally easy to perform all of those tasks that you previously had difficulty with. Your confidence levels will increase and your self-esteem will improve.

Reason #5: Reduces Stress

Does the thought of going to the bathroom result in you experiencing stress and anxiety? If you answered, “yes”, a barrier-free bathroom is for you.

This specially-designed room will allow you to easily access all of the areas of your bathroom, while providing you with peace of mind. Just a few simple additions of features for accessibility will have you looking forward to using your bathroom.

Start the Adaptation Process Today

If you have a physical need, a barrier-free bathroom is an absolute must. Adapting your home not only makes certain features more accessible, but it helps to ensure your safety and your independence.

Why continue struggling when you can achieve your very best? For more information on barrier-free bathroom design, installation, and integration, you may contact us today for all of your bathroom modifications by calling: 973-219-4147