How to Make Bathrooms Accident-Proof for Seniors

Bathrooms can be one of the most dangerous places for the elderly. Slippery floors, wet shower areas, and hard surfaced tiles can spell disaster if an elderly falls in there. And since seniors are more prone to falls, with their lessened alertness and slower reflexes, we must ensure that places such as bathrooms don’t put them at risk.

Here are some ways on how to make bathrooms safer for seniors:
Install a Raised Toilet Seat 
A padded raised toilet seat can give an elderly person a much needed boost in the bathroom and help make it safe. Not only will it lessen the amount of strength required to stand up after sitting, but it will provide comfort and cushioning when natural padding is lacking.
Remove All Throw Rugs
Throw rugs can easily trip an elderly person in the bathroom as well as other areas in the home. Get rid of all throw rugs, and install non-slip flooring in the bathroom instead of linoleum or ceramic tiles.
Lay out Non-Slip Flooring 
When securely installed they will absorb small amounts of water on the bathroom floor while providing traction. Although carpeting is never practical in a bathroom, it can save an elderly person from a painful and potentially deadly fall.
Install Solid Bathroom Grab Bars 
They should not be the temporary suction cup variety that cannot withstand much weight. Install permanent grab bars next to the toilet and on each shower and/or bathtub wall. Follow product label directions for installation instructions and warnings.