Bergen County Stairlift Installation

If you or a loved one are having difficulties getting up and down stairs, an indoor stairlift could mean independence. With the installation of an interior stairlift, going upstairs becomes a possibility again. They benefit older people with balance issues, or infirmity. Wheelchair or cane users will appreciate the ease of use, and the practicality of a stairlift. People should not feel imprisoned in their own home. Stair lifts provide the freedom to move between floors, and enjoy the whole house. With a lift for every staircase, you don’t have to worry how your stairs are shaped. You can choose from an indoor curved stairlift, or one designed for straight staircases. There are even lifts for exterior steps. Stairlifts help people stay in their home, and maintain an independent lifestyle. Ask a Bergen County stairlift installation expert to show you how easy it is to maintain your independence at home.

Bergen County Stairlift Installation | A Design for all Stairs

Regardless of what shape your stairs are, there is a stairlift for every home. Simply stated, straight stairlifts go up and down basic straight staircases. They are for homes with one flight of stairs going directly up and down. No problem. Fortunately, we have hundreds of stairlifts for multiple stair designs and possibilities. For a curved staircase, curved stairlifts can navigate corners, and smoothly glide up and around. Curved stairlifts also work for homes with landings that divide two sets of stairs. You don’t have to worry about stopping at the landing, they simply carry you all the way up.

Bergen County Stairlift Installation | Outdoor Stairlifts

As practical as indoor stairlifts are, they are not just for the interior of the home. Stairlifts not only help people inside, they can help if there are steps to get in and out of the house. The specific design of outdoor stairlifts means they can handle all types of weather. They come equipped with covers to keep them at an even temperature, and to keep them dry. The cover can protect from the heat of the sun, and ensure it doesn’t get deteriorate from rain or snow. Outdoor stairlifts provide the mobility and freedom to come and go safely.

Bergen County Stairlift Installation | Safety Features

Just as there are many designs of stairlift, there are many features that ensure the safety of the user. Seat belts keep the rider safely inside the lift while it’s in motion. The seats swivel at the top of the stairs, so the rider can get in or out easily and safely. The safety features benefit everyone in the house, even people who don’t use the lift. Because the armrests, footplate and the seat all fold back, the stairs remain clear for others to use. Indoor stairlifts stay plugged in, continuously recharging the battery, so they work in an outage.

For increased independence and mobility within the home, indoor stairlifts have many benefits. You don’t have to stay confined to one floor, or even worse, give up your home altogether. Staying at home and enjoying independence are obtainable with the aid of a stairlift. There are many designs of stairlift, one to fit each staircase, even outside steps. Indoor stairlifts have many safety features to give you peace of mind as well as more mobility. Swivel seats keep the rider away from the stairs as they enter or exit the lift safely. Folding components mean a clear path for others using the stairs. A continuously charging battery makes sure the stairlift is always available, even if the power goes out. To find out more about our products, contact your local Bergen County stairlift installation professionals.

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