Prom for Senior Citizens

There is a new trend in town and that’s setting up proms for senior citizens. Community centers and high schools all over the United States have taken up the concept. The response so far, has been overwhelming. With hopes of bringing memories to senior citizens, organizers have eyed this as a yearly event in many…

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Home Care Solutions for Senior Citizens

As we age, we become less physically fit and active, and there are things and activities that we may not be able to handle such as running up and down the stairs. If you are caring for a senior loved one at home, matters concerning his/her safety become an issue because our homes may not…

August 19, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Ensuring Senior Safety Around the Home

Safety is very important at any age, especially during the senior years – ensuring safety around the home for elders is very important. Here are some tips on ensuring an elders safety in your house: – Tripping hazards are one of the biggest concerns around the home. Because slippery hardwood floors and rugs that are…

August 18, 2013 Home Safety NJ

New Format for Home Care

There’s a new program down in Indiana which aims to provide better care for seniors – the program is called Senior Care Central. Its goal is to connect nursing students at the universities in the area with seniors who need care. The concept was launched in participation with several local schools. According to  Elizabeth Ecker …

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How Reform Law Will Affect Senior Care

A lot of people are afraid that the health care reform law will have a very negative impact when it comes to senior care, but it turns out that most of these fears are unfounded. In general, the law will have no effect on the way that seniors get their health care. However, with a…

. August 16, 2013 Chair Lifts NJ

Seniors Can Lead an Independent Lifestyle

For seniors, among the most important things that they miss about their youth is independence. Though, their loved ones are always willing to assist and care for them, elders would want to still feel capable and productive on their own. Dr Maija Sanna offers tips for her elderly patients on how they can maintain an…

. August 15, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Summer Survival Tips for Seniors and Youngsters

Everybody loves summer but extremely hot weathers are menaces, particularly for elders and youngsters who have really low tolerance for that kind of condition. The Houston Fire Department expresses their concern and offers tips for senior citizens and even regular members of the households on how they can remain cool and fresh this summer. They…

. August 14, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Planning a Getaway with Your Elderly Parents? Here are Some Tips

Planning an out-of-town vacation with your elderly parents can definitely give them their most needed getaway and can give you a chance to bond and spend great time with them. Unlike planning a vacation simply for yourself, getting your parents suited up and well-equipped for the trip may require a little more effort. There are…

August 8, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Ensuring Senior Citizen’s Mobility Safety Through Wheelchair Ramps

To ensure the safety of aging people living under your care, it’s only righteous to revamp your house to higher safety standards. Senior citizens who are less able to move around without depending on other people’s assistance will benefit from using wheelchair ramps. Apart from hiring a professional wheelchair ramp designer, understanding the strategies pointed…

. August 7, 2013 Wheelchair Ramps NJ

How to Keep Your Home Safe

Home is not an exception from the list of essential places that are prone to accidents; it is supposed to be the safest place on earth but it can’t stop bad occurrences from happening if they are bound to occur. Yes, we can’t make ourselves invincible from home accidents but there are ways to prevent…

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How to Prevent Home Injuries

Your home is supposed to be the safest place for you and your family; it’s a place where you can sleep soundly at night and feel comfortable at all times but sometimes it is also where unprecedented fatal injuries happen. One dreaded but ultimately possible scenario would be a slip-and-fall accident on your 70-year-old mother….

. July 30, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Summer Cooling Tips for Senior Citizens

For senior citizens, summer can be quite a challenging period – besides dehydration, the heat can also trigger all sorts of illnesses – that is why, whether they are living alone or with a career, it is important that they are kept cool and hydrated at all times. It is not enough that elders are…

. July 25, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Physical Exercises Reduces Seniors’ Falls

According to a report made in Cochrane Reviews by Lesley Gillespie, MD, and her colleagues from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, group exercise reduced fall risk by 15% and at-home physical activity lowered it by 22%. With nearly one-third of elderly patients at risk to falls every year, researchers have been very…

July 22, 2013 Grab Bars NJ

Independent Senior Citizens Safety Measures

It is admirable how some senior citizens can actually manage to live independently. However, given that their senses are not as keen as they used to be, it is important that they subscribe to various safety measures to ensure that they can live securely while they are alone in their homes. Every little detail counts…

. July 20, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Keeping a Burglar Off Your Property

Wireless Home Security designer FrontPoint offers tips on how homeowners can preserve and maintain a safe environment for their families in their houses. They say that in order to keep a burglar out of your property, you must first try and think like one. After doing so, you can employ various kinds of measures to…

. July 19, 2013 Home Safety NJ

How Seniors Can Stay Safe in Their Homes

It shouldn’t take a thief or a burglar to pose a threat on a homeowner’s safety in his/her own property – sometimes mere accidents like falling can already cause so much hazard, particularly for independent senior citizens. Because majority of emergency incidents that usually occur in homes are commonly caused by seemingly unimposing domestic accidents,..

July 17, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Securing Your Safety in Your Home

One can never be too confident when it comes to home safety – no matter how wholesome your neighborhood may be, there are other various risks that you simply cannot ignore. In securing your family’s safety in the house, you have to take into account various considerations from ensuring that your doors’ locks are fully…

Home Safety NJ

Accessibility for Handicapped Required in Establishments

People with disabilities can not solely confine themselves inside their homes in a wheelchair forever. These people are human beings and also need to find themselves happiness even in their own simple way. It’s alright to stay safety at home, but to allow these handicapped individuals to enjoy themselves once in a while is a…

. July 15, 2013 Wheelchair Ramps NJ

Common Causes of Home Injury Death

Ideally, our home is a place where we should feel safe and secured. But then according statistics, more and more people die each year from injuries at home. This occurrence can be very risky knowing that minor injuries can actually lead to death. Falls are one of the common causes of home injury death. To…

. July 13, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Gadgets to Help Monitor Senior’s Home Safety

Motion sensors placed on the wall and a monitor under the mattress may one day automatically alert you of early signs of trouble well before an elderly loved one gets sick or suffers a fall. This means no more having to check up on your elderly loved one every morning. Research is growing with high-tech…

. July 12, 2013 Home Safety NJ

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