Prevent Fire Hazards by Installing AFCI

Among the most neglected parts of a home are the electrical circuits, basically due to common knowledge that tampering with such could be dangerous, especially for home owners without proper knowledge on handling such matters. However, totally disregarding these things in your home maintenance list can lead to far worse disasters particularly when they are…

. June 4, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Why Seniors Must Keep Their Benefits

Recently, various attacks against pensioners’ benefits, such as their winter fuel allowance and bus passes, have risen, igniting negative feedback from seniors and non-seniors alike. Iain Duncan Smith, secretary of state for work and pensions, and other individuals on his side express their encouragement to elders to voluntarily pay back their taxpayer-funded benefits, and have also…

June 3, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Benefits of Technology for Seniors

In Ipswich, SeniorNet, an organization dedicated to introducing seniors to the benefits of technology, hosted a workshop teaching elders to use tablet computers, such as the iPad, for entertainment and communication. The old folks were quite enthusiastic in uncovering the various boons offered by the said device and the internet. At the rate they are…

June 2, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Senior Citizens Victimized by Fake Cops through Hypnosis

In India, various incidences involving men pretending to be policemen and stealing old individual’s valuables have occurred. The snatchers were said to be capable of hypnosis and have practiced the craft of their victims. In a report, 63-year-old Vijay Kulkarni shared that he was on his way home from a store when four men stopped him….

. May 31, 2013 Chair Lifts NJ

Senior Citizens Go Out on a Picnic

In Charleston, senior citizens went out to Shawnee Park to participate in the Kanawha Valley Senior Services annual picnic. They interacted with their fellow seniors, played Bingo, danced and had fun. Due to the various physical and financial limitations posed against elders, it can be difficult for them to go out into the neighborhood and…

. May 30, 2013 Chair Lifts NJ

WBCU Senior Citizen Expo – A Success

Last week, the WBCU 15th Annual Senior Citizen Expo was held in the Family Life Center of Tabernacle Baptist Church in honor of local elders. Senior citizens enjoyed a day of fun and entertainment with music and prizes from the event’s gracious sponsors. WBCU stated that the event was a success and thanked all its…

. May 29, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Senior Citizens Freed From Paying Property Taxes

In the District of Columbia, a legislation exempting senior citizens aged 80 and older with annual income of no more than $100,000.00 and who have lived in their houses for 25 years or more from paying property taxes for their home will be introduced. The proponent, Council member Anita Bonds, intends to present legislation titled…

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65-year-old Man Murdered in His Own Home

R Saatyanarayana, a 65-year-old man who lived by himself, was found dead by his maid servant at his own residence on Saturday morning at Hanuman Nagar Chaitanyapuri. His gold bracelet chain was reported missing while all other items were found intact. Venkatamma states that on the day of the murder, the old man sent her…

May 27, 2013Home Safety NJ

Don’t Entrust Your Home to Unregistered Specialists

Though it can be dangerous and impractical as a homeowner to handle tricky maintenance tasks on your own home, you must also be cautious about entrusting them to strangers, especially unregistered “specialists” who may take advantage of your lack of knowledge on the task in question. These people might not have any more experience than…

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The Importance of Developing Trust in Every Relationship

In a relationship which involves one ensuring the well-being of the other, the most important aspect that has to be developed is trust. This does not only pertain to trust coming from the individual who needs the care but also from the caregiver. This mutuality will ensure a more secure environment for both parties. Such…

. May 24, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Home Safety for Senior Caregivers

Home safety is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to caring for an elderly person, especially when they are prone to many injuries and ailments. They are at a very high risk for falls, serious injuries and other consequences of slower reflexes and poorer eyesight and senses. Here are some…

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The Benefits of Leasing a Car for Senior Citizens

Various vehicles have their own perks and disadvantages for specific users. For senior citizens who are still able to drive around, renting a car can be a better option than buying one. This option poses a lot of safety and financial advantages for most people, particularly for elders. Scot Hall, executive vice president of,…

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Many Seniors In Australia Are iPad Users

While most senior citizens in different parts of the world are not too keen on using high tech gadgets, that is not the case for the elderly in Australia. According to reports, many elderly people in Australia are becoming tech-savvy as most of them are now using iPads. Yes, you heard it right! Many grandparents in…

May 14, 2013Grab Bars NJ

The Grand Opening of Logan Township Senior Citizen Center

Around 10 years ago, the old Bridgeport School House was falling apart but now has a new life as a senior citizen center. It was built in 1867 and served as a school over 90 years later. It was then renovated to become the township’s municipal building. In 1995, when the municipal offices moved further down Main…

. May 9, 2013 Chair Lifts NJ

Scam Alert on Senior Citizens

Attleboro Council and police warned senior citizens in the area to be alert of a possible scam target. According to Detective Sgt. Arthur Brillion, the automated message identifies the program offered by “Senior Medical Advisory” and asks residents to press a series of numbers to use the program. The message includes a sales pitch for…

. May 6, 2013 Chair Lifts NJ

Safety Tips for Apartment Renters

Most of the apartment safety and security issues can be addressed by the owner, landlord or apartment staff. However, there are certain steps that each renter should learn to ensure their home is safe and secure. Here are several apartment safety tips for renters: Secure your doors and windows, it should be easily opened and…

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Stress-Free Home Safety Checklist

As far as safety concerns go, homes will always be one of the priorities. To ensure a stress-free mind without thinking of all the possible things that could happen when you’re not at home, you must secure safety measures. Below are some home safety tips from the Home Safety Council to make your home a…

. May 4, 2013 Chair Lifts NJ

Restriction on the Number of Senior Citizens in Hospital Observation Care

Medicare officials are planning to make some changes in the hospital admission rules. They seek to limit the rising number of beneficiaries who are placed in the observation care but are not eligible for nursing home coverage. “This trend concerns us because of the potential financial impact on Medicare beneficiaries,” officials wrote in an announcement April…

. May 3, 2013 May 3, 2013

Safety Tips for Using Crutches

Getting the hang of using the crutches can be very tricky. It takes instruction, coordination and a whole lot of patience to finally get to use crutches with ease. When you are finally comfortable enough to use them on your own, it’s important to be aware and apply these safety tips to be able to…

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Safety Reminders for Wheelchair Brakes

Wheelchairs make lives easier for those who can’t stand on their two feet. They come in various styles and sizes, catered to the needs and even tastes of their occupants.They make lives of those in need of its assistance incredibly fulfilling and independent. However, despite these devices specifically made to make lives easier and safe…

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