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Safety Tips for Your Home Heating Equipment

According to statistics, home heating fire deaths are usually caused by fires that began when flammable items are too close to heating equipment. To help protect your home from fire accidents, here are some tips. Use your oven only to cook food and not to heat your home. Have a qualified technician inspect…

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Safety Tips for Your New-to-you Home

One of the most parts about getting to know your new home is its safety.  According to Capt. Rob Kivell of the Oak Bay Fire Department, prevention of the occurrence of fire starts with the home’s basic operations. Below are some fire safety tips that you need to take note.  Do not overload electrical…

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Tips on How to Prevent Home Fires

As temperatures start to drop, incidents of home fires increase. But then according to firefighters, there are a lot of simple ways to prevent such accident. Below are some tips. Check your smoke detector and make sure it is working properly. Make sure you are following directions on how to use space heaters…

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Tips on How to Prevent Home Invasion

As we age, our vision changes. These changes may involve the inability to distinguish appropriately between certain colors, complications seeing while driving during the evening, nighttime, and early morning hours, challenges adjusting to certain levels of glare, or problems with seeing up close or far away. While these common changes should not stop you from…

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Safety Tips for Home Heaters

Using a space heater is one of the common ways to ensure a warm and comfortable home during the winter season.  However, according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it is important that homeowners are cautious when using these heaters as they can cause fire at home. Below are some safety tips when using space heaters

January 11, 2016     Home Safety NJ

Tips for Home Heating Equipment

Because of the fact that U.S. fire departments are frequently called out to respond to non-fire carbon monoxide incidents during colder months, tips on home heating equipment is essential. According to report, half of all home heating equipment fires come from flammable items that are stored too close to the heating equipment. Below are some…

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors That Value
Their Health, Safety, and Independence

As Christmas draws near, many are struggling to think of the perfect gift for an aging parent, grandparent, or other loved older loved one. This is often a challenging endeavor because many of the seniors that we know and love often seem to have everything that they want and/or need. However, just as we are…

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Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

When we hear and consider the word “home”, it often invokes calming thoughts of comfort, family, and safety. However, statistics indicate that unintentional injuries sustained within the home result in an astonishing 21 million doctor visits a year, and approximately 18,000 deaths resulting from those injuries. While all age groups experience injuries in the home,…

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Senior Safety Tips on How to Avoid Scams

Financial abuse of the elderly is considered by many experts as the crime of the 21st century. Everywhere we go we hear about seniors getting scammed in fake lottery contests. One of the speakers at Pickaway County Safe Bank Project shares some practical tips on how seniors can avoid becoming a victim of a financial…

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Holiday Home Safety Tips

It is holiday season once again, a time for decorating and making plans for our guests and visitors. Before the busiest time of the year could get the best of you, below are some tips to remember when lighting holiday candles and stringing up lights. –          Keep your children and pets away from lit candles….

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Safety Heating Tips for Your Home

During the cold winter months, it is important for people to be very cautious when it comes to heating their homes. The Charlottesville Fire Department has put up some warning after a fire broke up in one of the homes in Albermarle County. According to Rich Jones, it is essential for homeowners to have their…

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3 Benefits Associated with a Barrier-Free,
Walk-In Tub

According to statistics, a total of 80% of all falls occur in the bathroom. If you suffer from an injury, certain medical conditions, or limited mobility due to the natural aging process that puts you at risk for a fall, it is imperative that you carefully examine your home for potential hazards! One of the…

November 25, 2015   Home Safety NJ

Places Where Seniors Can

Get Help and Care

While there are seniors who prefer to live independently, this option is not always possible. If your elderly loved ones wish to remain in their homes for as long as they can, there are actually several resources where they can get the help and care they need for little cost. –          Local agencies which can…

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Winter Safety Tips for Elderly People

Winter is just around the corner and while some may seem to love the weather it could also mean more risk to cough, colds and even flu. In order to help keep your elderly loved ones safe during the colder season, below are some tips. –          Get a free jab especially for those 65 and…

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Home Fire Safety Tips This Holiday Season

Holiday season may be a time for fun and merry making but unfortunately it could also mean a time for fires. According to statistics, more than 45,000 fires occur during winter holidays and an average of seven people die each day. To ensure that you and your family stay safe during the holiday season, below…

November 23, 2015     Home Safety NJ

Creating a Home with Accommodations for an Individual Suffering from a Limiting Disability

According to the national census, approximately 56.7 million individuals within the United States are living daily with a disability. These people commonly experience a range of limitations associated with the medical condition that has resulted in their disability. Examples include limited stamina levels that result in fatigue, psychomotor issues, memory problems, coordination problems, limited range…

August 15, 2018     Barrier-Free Remodeling

Keeping Your Home Safe While
on a Holiday Travel

Holiday season is apparently the busiest time of the year. While many of your friends and family members will be traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, such busy time of the year could also mean more targets for thieves while people are away from their homes. Security expert Gary Glemboski shares some tips on how to keep…

November 21, 2015     Home Safety NJ

How to Stay Protected from Senior Identity Fraud

Elderly people are often the target of identity fraud. To avoid such from happening, here are some tips shared by the experts. Monitor your own credit report.  Request a free credit report every 4 months.  Make sure to keep track of important documents either in a home safe or safety-deposit box. …

  November 6, 2015   Home Safety NJ

Tips for Seniorizing Your Home

Keeping your elderly loved ones safe through some important remodeling project is what you call seniorizing your home. As we all know falls are leading cause of injury and even death among seniors. That said, it is important that we keep our homes safe for our elderly loved one with these following tips. –          Install…

  November 2, 2015 Home Safety NJ

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

According to experts, there are endless of ways patients especially seniors get hurt at home. And because they tend to have more visual, hearing and sensation problems, elderly people are more prone to accidents such as falling and slipping. Below are some tips on how to keep seniors’ home safe. Add lights to stairwells,…

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