Caregiver with Gambling Problem Stole From Senior Couple

When we have elderly parents who are unable to care for themselves and need assistance but we also have our own families, jobs and other important things to attend to, being able to care for them is hard and even impossible. That’s when we hire the best caregivers we can find to provide them the care and attention they need when we are unavailable.

Unfortunately, some ruthless “caregivers” take advantage of the trust we give them and use to their advantage they get to the lives of our oblivious and sometimes helpless senior loved ones. Such was the case of the Betty and Delbert when caregiver Jamie Foster stole valuables from them to satiate her bad gambling habits.
“I would go straight to the poker machines,” Foster, an Oregon Department of Human Services said in November. “I feel so bad. I’m very sorry.”
Betty says she’s eventually forgive Foster but probably not until she gets her valuables back, although sadly she doesn’t think she will.
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