Cost-Effective Ways to Make Homes Wheelchair Accesible

Wheelchairs are a necessary and handy tool that make moving around and acts of daily living possible for the seniors, ill or handicapped. However, when people are confined to the use of a wheelchair, whether temporarily or permanently, moving around can be tough especially in places that aren’t built for wheelchairs. It can also be particularly difficult to adjust to maneuvering around your home when you’ve become wheel-chair bound.

Not to worry however, as there are many easy and cost-effective ways to make your home wheelchair accessible. Follow these tips below from “Inexpensive Ways to Make Your House Wheelchair Accessible“:
  • Remove loose carpets and rugs or replace them with new ones that fits more snugly to the floor. It doesn’t make a difference if you have a mechanical or electric-powered wheelchair, it’s easy to get caught on carpeting that isn’t secure.
  • Install mini ramps by gluing or sealing down wedges of wood or metal to make it easier to get to elevated portions in your house.
  • Install nonslip floors or mats in your bathroom to prevent your wheel chair from slipping when you move from your wheelchair to your tub or toilet. Bathroom floors when wet can become very dangerous especially for you and your wheelchair.
  • Motion-detecting sink fixtures can make operating your sink a lot easier as this eliminates reaching for the sink handles. The faucet starts running once you put your hands underneath the faucet and stops when your hands are removed from underneath.
  • Gravel driveways and walkways make it difficult to get around in your wheelchair. You can get a professional to pave your driveway and is relatively inexpensive.