Creating an Accessible, Barrier-Free Shower to Preserve Your Independence

Barrier Free ShowerDo you suffer from a physical limitation? Is a disability preventing you from performing daily activities, such as showering?

Is your range of motion dwindling? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is time to consider creating an accessible, barrier-free shower.

Not only will this allow you to safely engaging in showering, it will aid in preserving your independence. The general size, the overall shape, and the style of shower that you choose is based on the space that you have available, your physical needs, and that which you envision.

In this brief guide, you will be presented with information that you should consider when opting for an accessible shower.

Shower Dimensions

The accessible shower should be no smaller than 3×3 feet. Larger is considered to be ideal for those that want a shower that allows for easy movements.

If you need assistance in showering, use a shower chair, or require a waterproof bench, opting for a shower of at least 5×5 is considered to be ideal.

When selecting your dimensions, you should consider the advantages of recessed flooring. This will reduce the need for a rim that surrounds the shower, which could prove burdensome when stepping over.

Additionally, the floor will slant so that the water drains appropriately. When considering the dimensions of your accessible, barrier-free shower, it is of the highest importance to consider features you will add to the shower. These include benches, seats, special shower heads, and if you will need to use a mobility device.

Universal or Unique Design

Next, it is important to determine if you want a universal design or a unique design for your accessible shower. A universal design may be better suited for your needs. This is a basic design that is highly appealing and can be accessible to individuals in all stages in life and under all conditions.

It is a timeless piece that will accommodate you, regardless of age or disability. Unique designs may or may not be timeless designs. You certainly may opt for a design that will adjust as you age or progress in your condition. The choice is yours!

Safety Considerations

Finally, you must consider your personal safety. While an accessible, barrier-free shower is a safe accessory to begin with, there are features that you may add that will optimize your safety.

Examples of these features include nonslip flooring, specially-designed doors, built-in seats for added security while showering, controls that allow you to easily control the flow and temperature of the water, spraying systems that mount on the wall, and even storage spaces within the shower to place all of your accessories.

We Can Help

We here at Back Home Safely have the capability of assisting you in creating the shower that is perfectly suited for your needs and matches your dreams! Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians will work with you to determine the right shower for you and your home. Additionally, we carry a multitude of accessories and devices that can be placed in the shower to help you during hygiene tasks. If you want to preserve your independence, contact us today: