Ensuring Safety When Driving with a Senior Citizen

Whether you’re driving a motorcycle or a four-wheel vehicle, you have to be very careful, especially when you have passengers – kids, adults, and senior citizens – on board. Carelessness on the road is wrong because you are endangering your life and that of your passengers.

When driving with a senior citizen, here are some safety tips to take into mind:

  • No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, fastening the seatbelt is essential. See to it that the elderly is wearing the seat belt properly before hitting the road.
  • Avoid over speeding. Always drive with caution and at the right speed limit in accordance to the road requirement.
  • Senior citizens in wheelchairs should be assisted and secured in the car before heading off.
  • Do not forget to bring all the necessary items for your elderly companion. Bring first aid kits and the needed medicine the doctor prescribed your passenger.

From: Safety Checklist When Driving with a Senior Citizen