Handicapped Man in Brazil Forced to Build Wheelchair Ramp

Sadly, basic infrastructures that cater to the needs of many people are lacking in Latin America’s wealthiest nation.

Just recently reported, a paraplegic man named Samuel de Oliveira grew tired of waiting for any action coming from the government. Because of the lack of care to address current situations of the disadvantaged, he decided to build a ramp so people who use wheelchairs won’t have to suffer too much when getting inside the health department building.

When asked, he said, “I cannot stand anymore to pass through here, and I’m tired of waiting for the government. This is why I took the initiative to not wait any longer.” Bringing with him a bucket full of cement, wooden frames, and a trowel, he headed to the local health center and constructed the ramp himself. He aimed to address the problem because of the government’s lack of initiative in lending help for those who are in need.

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