Home Modifications Can Help the Elderly Stay in Their Homes

With age comes wisdom as well as a few minor set backs. You may have more knowledge, but you lack the mobility you once had. For some, getting around is difficult. And oftentimes, many elderly people have to leave the comforts of their own home because of their lack of mobility.

For elderly people, home can be a place that is filled with hazards. The bathroom, for instance, poses a great threat to even able bodied people. With its wet floors, low toilets, bathtubs that require stepping over into, and slippery shower stalls, a bathroom is a dangerous room for anyone. However, for an elderly person, this room is even more dangerous.

The bathroom is not the only safety concern for the elderly in the home. Narrow doorways and hallways, rugs that buckle or slide, slick kitchen floors, rooms that you have to step down into, and not to mention, stairways can also be an accident waiting to happen. Year after year, elderly people have serious falls in the home. And it is sad to say, but because of this, many do not get to return and live in their home again.

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For those who would like to be able to stay in their own home while at the same time be able to move around more safely there are companies today that can come out, give a safety inspection of your home, and then make the necessary home modifications to create a safer environment for you.

These home modification companies can do home modifications such as widening narrow doorways, installing strategically placed grab bars in the bathroom as well as walk in showers, and raised toilets. They can also install chair lifts that can take you safely up and down stairs, and wheelchair ramps on the outside of you home so that you can bypass climbing stairs altogether.

Many other modifications can be done so that those who would like to remain living safely at home could do so. Even small modifications such as installing pull handles on cabinets, levers that are easy to operate on sinks and hand held shower heads can add convenience and functionality to the home.

All of the home modifications mentioned here can give an elderly person back their freedom and mobility. If you are having trouble moving around safely at home, maybe it’s time to find a home safety modification company near you and give them a call. After all, home modifications may help you stay living in your own home.

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