Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

As we all get older, housing is especially important. It serves as a storehouse of memories, provides the major location for family interaction, and is the major financial asset for most families. It is a place of comfort and gives a feeling of independence.

We must feel safe and secure in our home in order to be able to relax. The following checklist below will help us evaluate the safety of our home and habits.

  • Emergency numbers and addresses are posted by each telephone.
  • The telephone can be reached from the floor or you carry a cell phone with you at all times.
  • Inside and outside door handles are easy to operate.
  • There is an emergency exit.
  • Carpeting and rugs are not worn or torn.
  • Appliances, lamps and cords are in good condition.
  • Electrical cords are placed out of the traffic flow and not underneath rugs and furniture.

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March 9, 2013