How to Avoid Falls for People with Disability Living at Home

Home Safety for Senior CaregiversDisability doesn’t rely on age or gender in choosing who to victimize. If you have a family member who has problems with moving around the house, modifying your home to suit them best is essential. It doesn’t have to be a total makeover, as simple as rearranging furniture and adding grip bars can make that much of a difference.

If you have stairs within the house, be sure that its handrails are sturdy on both ends and sides. “Adding a second banister on the other side can make a huge difference, especially if one side of the body is more impaired than the other,” says Carla A. Chase, EdD, assistant professor of occupational therapy at the Western Michigan University College of Health and Human Services in Kalamazoo.

Additionally, making sure that your pathway is well-lit can be of big help for seniors and persons with disabilities alike. For more information on keeping your home safe, click here