How to Provide Safety and Convenience to Seniors at Home

When living with a senior adult, there are a number of things you can do to make moving around and doing activities not only safer but simpler as well. When they can easily access objects, move around and finish a task, they gain a better sense of well-being and independence.

Here are some of the numerous tips that you can find in “Seniorizing” Your Home: Making it Safe for Elderly:
  • Store household items on lower shelves so that you can easily reach them.
  • Use a reaching device that you can buy at a medical supply store so you do not need to climb for an item.
  • If you have trouble seeing, purchase a phone with larger numbers from a medical supply store.
  • If you have to climb for something, use a step stool with handrails.
  • Have a place near your door where you can place packages and groceries while you close the door and get ready to put items away.
  • Wear low-heeled, comfortable shoes that fit well and give your feet good support.