Identify a Scam When You Encounter One

A con artist is more likely to choose a senior citizen as his victim compared to a younger adult thinking that the former is more trusting and less informed on this modus. Therefore, it should be every family and community’s responsibility to educate their seniors on this matter to prevent others from taking advantage of their finances.
Here are some tips that seniors can keep in mind to protect themselves from scams:
  • Don’t give out personal information to unknown individuals or organizations without verifying their legitimacy.
  • If you sign up for the “Do Not Call” registry, you can easily identify a telemarketing offer as a scam.
  • An offer that sounds “too good to be true” is most probably untrue.
  • There are things that are not naturally sold door-to-door or over the phone, such as a Medicare cards, find out what these other things are and keep them in mind
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