Many Seniors Find Themselves Alone as they Age

It has been reported that  increasing number of seniors find themselves alone as they age. As a result, their health declines, whether they’re estranged from family or have never married or had children.

Experts say that it is hard for the elderly to find someone they can trust to take on financial and medical powers of attorney so someone will be able to make decisions about their financial affairs and medical care if they become incapacitated. Having a are strong support system who will take care of them so they won’t be alone as their health inevitably declines, makes them extremely glad.

Many doctors and other professionals are part of these senior’s support system according to Lue Taff, geriatric-care manager in the ElderCare Partners program at the Senior Source.

Health care professionals can detect cognitive decline, which can affect the way seniors manage their money.

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April 15, 2013