Many Seniors In Australia Are iPad Users

While most senior citizens in different parts of the world are not too keen on using high tech gadgets, that is not the case for the elderly in Australia. According to reports, many elderly people in Australia are becoming tech-savvy as most of them are now using iPads. Yes, you heard it right! Many grandparents in Australia are now hooked on using high tech gadgets for pleasure and communication.


Great-grandmother Vi Jorgensen revealed that she fell in-love with her iPad when she purchased it since it gives her joy and better communication with her family. The 79-year-old elderly said her new tablet computer had opened up a world of possibilities, such as keeping in touch with her granddaughters through email. The Ipswich Central resident also added happily that she also enjoyed using the device to read books and newspapers.


She however advised senior citizens like her who wants to use high tech gadgets to learn and practice regularly the use of these special stuff. It is always heartwarming to hear stories about elderly enjoying high tech tools, since these modern items can offer them joy in the the twilight years of their life. Hopefully, more senior citizens around the globe will learn and enjoy iPads and other high tech gadgets.


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May 14, 2013