Platform Wheelchair Lifts Provide Optimal Maneuverability In and Around the Home

As a wheelchair user, you face many issues – in terms of maneuverability. Getting around and accessing key areas is a challenging endeavor. This is especially true when it comes to getting in and out of your home and accessing certain indoor regions of your home.Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Regardless of the reason why you rely on a wheelchair – be it balance issues, illness, injury, or disability – you should be able to proceed through life without limitations.

The good news is, there are many accessibility products currently available on the market that will help you in overcoming the movement restrictions imposed by wheelchairs. The most popular – in terms of your home – are platform wheelchair lifts.

What are Platform Wheelchair Lifts?

A platform lift is a specially-designed accessibility product designed for wheelchair users. It aids in moving you and your wheelchair over barriers that are either vertical or positioned at an incline. This product includes a platform that you roll your wheelchair onto.

In most instances, it includes a door or a small protection flap that locks into place that prevents the wheelchair from rolling out. Once secured, you simply push a button that is electrically-wired into a motor device that is designed to move you into the pre-determined area that allows you to move freely.

The platform lift is capable of sustaining the weight of both your wheelchair and you. In most instances, you may use the product independently. The only exception to this is if you experience challenges using your hands.

Even then, the platform wheelchair lift can be customized to meet your needs. Today, there are two types of wheelchair lifts under the platform model – vertical lifts and incline lifts.

The Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift

In and around your home, you likely have many vertical platforms that pose a challenge to you, as a wheelchair user. These may include porches, high foundations, small steps leading into your home, door ledges, and similar structures.

The vertical platform lift is placed in such a way that it helps you to access these areas with ease, while using your wheelchair. You simply roll the wheelchair into the unit, initiate movement, and it moves you up and over the obstruction.

Once in your preferred location, you may open the door or small flap in order to leave the platform and move forward freely.

The Incline Platform Wheelchair Lift

Do you have a large set of outdoor steps leading into your home? Are there stairs in your home that allow access to multiple floors? If you answered “yes” to either one of these questions, an incline platform wheelchair lift is for you.

These operate in the same manner as the previously-mentioned platform lift; however, instead of going straight up, they are designed to move diagonally over the specific contours of the steps and/or stairs.

Not only are these ideal for step/stair movements, but when they are in place, they may be moved in such a way that others – who do not depend on a wheelchair – may move freely.

The Top-Rated Mobility Option for Wheelchair Users

Platform wheelchair lifts in New Jersey are considered to be the best mobility option for those who depend on a wheelchair for mobility. Why restrict your movements and access to various regions in and around your home when you can easily maneuver through those areas?

We here at Back Home Safely offer both types of platform lifts, as well as a multitude of other accessibility products that will enhance your safety while allowing you to access areas that are most important to you.

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