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Jun 10, 2019 | Grab Bars NJ

Navigating the bathroom is a slippery situation, particularly in the shower. There’s water anywhere, and a thick lather of suds, and far too often, this leads to slips and falls. Most accidents happen in the home, and most of those in the bathroom. Shower safety is vital, as shower slips lead to nasty accidents with broken bones and worse. Since showers are an everyday occurrence, each shower shouldn’t be had in fear. A shower grab bar is the first line of defense to keeping safe in this hazardous daily environment. In Somerset County, grab bars contractor New Jersey are there to help support you. They will help with all your Somerset County GrabBars needs. Being able to keep upright in the shower, grab bars will prevent slips and falls. They will lend an extra, leisurely layer of security as you go about regular ablutions.

Somerset County GrabBars

Types of grab bars | Somerset County GrabBars

There exists a wide variety of safety grab bars to keep you upright. There is the classic straight safety bar. This is the single bar that runs parallel to your wall. Simple, sleek, and straight, it is easy to install anywhere that it is needed. Showering should, and can be relaxing, with a little installation. They are excellent for maintaining balance. Clamp on tub rails are installed in a bathtub/shower. It helps when entering and exiting a bath, so long as it secured tightly so it does not wobble. An angled grab bar is especially for convenient for senior citizens and any people with disabilities.

More types of grab bars | Somerset County GrabBars

Wall to floor grab bars are installed from the floor to the wall, vertically. This type is usually installed beside a toilet, to help the user get up and down with ease. Suction cup grab bars are suctioned cupped to the wall. They are a semi-permanent grab bar, in case you cannot or do not desire to install a grab bar permanently. Flip grab bars flip up or down, to accommodate a variety of uses in the bathroom. Decorative grab bars provide safety along with aesthetics. No drill grab bars are easy to install, as they require no drilling.

Choosing and installing a grab bar | Somerset County GrabBars

There are many different and varying types of grab bars. What is important is to pick, out of the wide variety, the bar that best fits your situation. Thoroughly evaluate the state of your bathroom. Determine how long the bar will need to be, how wide the bar should be. Then you can worry about material and color. Bars are made of many different materials, from stainless steel to nylon to plastic. You can pick any color you want. But its best to pick one that stands out, so the bar can be seen and used easily. However, you can still maintain the dignity of your bathroom’s décor.

Grab bars vary greatly in prices. Plastic grab bars, for instance, are often twice the price of stainless-steel bars. And then there is the matter of installation. Feasibly, you could install the grab bar yourself. It just takes some tools, and drilling, and effort. Or you could let the professionals handle it. They not only have a grasp of the best grab bars for you, they also know how to install. There are many factors to consider, and a professional grab bar installer can help ease the process. Somerset County GrabBars will give you the best grab bar for the best price. To keep your bathroom and loved ones safe, consider installing a sturdy grab bar to keep you standing.

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