Stair Lifts Offer Many Advantages to Individuals with Mobility Issues

Mobility issues – which are common among those with certain types of disabilities, medical conditions, and aging populations – have an immense amount of psychological, emotional, social, and physical-based consequences on those that experience them.

Mobility problems include – but, are not limited to – unsteadiness while attempting to walk, challenges in sitting and standing, complications climbing stairs, and unexpected falls.

For those with mobility issues and stairs within their homes, the problems may prevent being able to safely maneuver stairs so that the upper story areas of the home may be accessed.

One of the most productive and safest work arounds for this, is the integration of stair lifts into the home. In this guide, you will learn the top advantages associated with stair lifts.

Stair Lifts New JerseyIs a Stair Lift  Necessary?

Before delving into the immense advantages associated with stair lifts, it is first important to determine if you require a stair lift.

If your home includes a staircase and you find yourself experiencing discomfort and pain in climbing the stairs, a stair lift is for you.

This is an electrical device that slowly lifts you to the top of the staircase and brings you down.

It is installed along the wall or on the railing of the staircase.

Not only can a stair lift be installed indoors, but, it can also be installed outdoors.

Advantage #1: The Prevention of Falls

The number one fear for people with mobility issues and stairs within or around the home is experiencing a fall and becoming injured. This fear is heightened immensely if the individual lives alone. In fact, those that live alone may completely avoid stairs in order to reduce the possibility for a fall to occur.

By using a stair lift, you simply place yourself in the device, secure yourself, and have the peace of mind in knowing that you will make it to your destination easily and safely. 

Advantage #2: The Ability to Maintain Independence

Individuals with mobility issues often experience pain and other forms of discomfort on a daily basis. If they have a multi-story home, they probably find themselves limited to the ground floor.

By having a stair lift integrated into the home, you will be able to maintain your independence for a longer amount of time and access all of the areas within your home, without being forced into considering planning for assisted living or in-home health assistance.

Advantage #3: The Prevention of Pain

Mobility issues may stem from medical conditions such as arthritis or from having medical procedures performed. In some instances, they stem from physical injuries. Regardless, a stair lift helps to prevent pain.

You will never again find yourself stuck on the first floor or the second floor to avoid experiencing the pain caused by navigating the stairs. You will be able to move freely around your home and experience a high level of comfort when doing so. 

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