Strathclyde: Firefighters Offered Free Home Safety

Firefighters are providing free home safety checks in an effort to avoid fatal fires over the festive period.

Looking at the Strathclyde area, the actual number of fires doubles from six to 12 each day over the Christmas holidays, the brigade said.

There were five fatal fires that occurred in the area in 2010 and one was recorded last year. Officers will visit homes throughout December to replace or install smoke detectors.

Strathclyde’s chief fire officer, Brian Sweeney, said: “The campaign is really a call to action. In previous years we have seen the number of fire deaths double or triple over Christmas and what we’re trying to do this year is call the community to action. Neighbours, friends and relatives: if they know someone who is vulnerable or at risk of a fire, they can call us and we will check their home and install a smoke alarm if needed.”

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