The Danger of Walking the Streets of New Jersey

It seems like there’s a danger in being a senior citizen and walking the streets of New Jersey. That has been proven in the number of pedestrian seniors who have died in accidents in recent weeks, and that includes  bicyclists and road workers as well. This is disturbing news and a confirmation that the “Crosswalk Law” is not being enforced.

The so called “Crosswalk Law” requires that drivers must stop their vehicles completely in order to allow a pedestrian to cross the street. It seems though that the law is not being enforced with the rise in the number of deaths.  That is why a stricter law and implementation is being called for in order to protect the seniors.

Here is a portion of an article written by Dr. Salvatore Pizzuro  on the matter that appeared on, “As our population ages, and more people suffer from medical conditions that will hamper or slow their gait, walking to a store, post office, job site or doctor’s office becomes a hazardous activity. These pedestrians, including people with disabilities, become prey to overzealous drivers who are rushing to keep appointments.”

If you would like to go through the whole article by Dr. Pizzuro you can click on this link here.

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