The Top Reasons Why Older People Are Not Into News

These days, getting the latest news and information is easier than ever before. You can just turn on the TV and you would get bombarded with what’s happening everywhere. There are 24 hour news channels dedicated for that.  Now, there is also the Internet that can bombard us with what is happening in the farthest corner of the globe as it is taking place – in real time.

Sadly, it’s not always good news that we hear. Most of the time it’s about crime, economic hardships, world hunger, climate, and all the other bad things that are making our lives miserable.

Older folks have more reason to be gloomy about those news than most of us. They tend to stay out of tune with all of that. Here is an excerpt from an article by Philip Moeller that appeared on U.S. News Money, “By the time people reach their 60s or 70s, their value systems are usually well-developed. Instead of feeling they have an obligation to change everything that’s wrong with the world, they have learned to make choices. They focus their volunteer efforts on things they can change. Call it living life in the world of the possible. It can be a very productive, guilt-free place.”

If you want to read all of the reasons listed down by Philip Moeller you can click here.

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